Status update.

A friend of mine update his facebook status which sounds like this:

XXX: semalam ada orang menyampah kat gua. hari ni pun ada lagi kot yang nak menyampah + bengang kat gua.


XXX: Someone do hate me yesterday. Maybe there is one too today. (roughly sounds like this)

What should I reply guys? I have two answers in my mind right now; which is

a) Rileks la bro. Biasala tu. 

Rilex la bro. It is normal.


b) Bukan ko dah biasa ka?

I think you are get used for it, ayte?

Tough decision.

Ideas needed.



I guess it is almost a year since the last time I updated this blog. People keep on asking why I do not update my blog and the common answer is "I am busy". Well, that is not the main reason. It is just I am not into blogging anymore.

In my opinion, blogosphere is getting boring nowadays (please correct me if I'm wrong)  but still, I need to blog in order to improve my English. As an engineering student, we always deal with numbers. Yes, num83r5.

Okay. I am here again, to blog. And, once again I do not know what to write. Hmm.

How about writing something about my daily activities?

"Today I eat chicken rice at cafe. So yummy-yummy. And then I went to Tutorial Room A for my Mandarin class. Guess what? Mandarin so hard lorhhhhh~"

Duck. I swear I never write like this. So how about posting sexy pictures in my blog? This will add up the spice in my blog---and maybe yours too!

To think of it... this is not me. By the way, I am not into these things (crossed fingers). Tsk tsk.

At the end of the day, I still do not know what to write.

I hope by anytime soon, I do have something to write about and I repeat, something---for the sake of updating this blog.

I hope.

Fook Someone Now

I'd choose not to say this in front of my friends.

Very, very dangerous if mispronounced.

Fook you.

Acer Aspire 4520 Driver for Windows 7

Hi there! It is been such a long time I did not update this blog. Before that, I would like to wish you guys Happy New Year. Yeah. It is an irony  to wish something that already passed for at least 2 weeks.

About this blog. Due to workloads and stuff happens around me, I think I cannot update it as regularly as I do before. Sorry about  that.

Oh ya. Recently I upgraded my sister's Acer Aspire 4520 into Windows's latest Operating System, Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

The OS works great! However, there are certain drivers that the windows does not recognize, and we have to install it manually. There are:

1) VGA Driver
2) Coprocessor
3) 2 Unknown devices, which maybe bluetooth and I am not very sure about the other one.

Once I encountered these problems, I were grateful that Acer provide the required drivers for this OS.

However, it is not working.

Nevermind, to make long story short, I found the required drivers.

Coprocessor/Chipset  -   Click Here 
NVIDIA GeForce 7000M driver - Click here

Hope this one helps :)

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