Do not worry. I do not write any spoiler in this post. Keep on reading this post.

One of the most anticipated movies in this year, “Storm Warriors” already released a few days ago.

The Storm Warriors.

This movie brings back my sweet and irreplaceable childhood memories as I grew up reading Ma Wing Shi’s Fung Wan or Pedang Setiawan in Malay. This comic is considered as must-read if you a fan of martial arts, swordplay or wuxia.

Seriously cerita tok nang bergaya.

This movie is totally awesome, but something is bothering me.

It is not that Ekin Cheng is visibly getting older or Aaron Kwok’s hair which looks like mine (ceh!) , it is Kenny Ho.

Who is Kenny Ho?

Kenny Ho as Nameless (Sikda Nama)

He is acting as Nameless, one of the legends in the world of Storm Riders.

Nameless, depicted from the comic.

No matter how many times I see his face, even from different angles--- for me, he looks like this guy.

Akhil Hayy? Spoil na jwak eh.