It is one of the most played games in Facebook. Mafia Wars. Lots of people played it but it turns out that only a few can level up fast.

This post is mainly on LEVELLING UP ONLY, I have done it and it works. This is for educational purposes only, no hard feelings okay? (Tiba-tiba jak)

1. Everytime you levelled up, spend your points on energy only.

Once you levelled up, you will be granted 5 skill points. Do not waste it on other traits! Why?

a. To level up, one need to increase their energy as your level increases, more energy needed to settle those jobs.

b. You can upgrade other traits using inventory rewards.

c. When you meet your friends, they would not ask “What is your mafia’s health/attack/defense/stamina?” first. They wil ask what is your level. So why spend those points on other parts right?

2. Use autoplayer.

This is not cheating... in my opinion. Anyway if you did not tell your friends... they would not know right? For the time being, the best autoplayer up to date is MWAP 0.9.24. How to use it?

a. Install Mozilla Firefox
b. Get GreaseMonkey plugins (link click here)
c. Fetch MWAP script (link click here)
d. Adjust setting. (go figure out yourself)

Voila! Your autoplayer is ready to be used.

3. Finish New York jobs first.

Rather than doing NY-Cuba-Moscow jobs on the same time, it is recommended to finish all NY before pursueing the other two. The loots in Cuba and Moscow are very tempting, I know. But our main objective is to level up. So thats why finish up NY jobs so that you can earn this loots:

Helicopter: Grant you a 30 second reduction on your energy regen timer. Can be earned by completing consigliere level.

Private Island: Adds 5% bonus experience when doing jobs. Added into your inventory once you settle Underboss level.

Golden throne: Its only a golden-coloured toilet bowl. Seriously. Can be earned by completing Boss level, and in return you earn two energy points every 4.5 minutes or 3 minutes for maniac instead of one energy point.

Two times the energy, twice as fast to settle down those jobs. Once all of those stuff were added into your inventory, doing jobs in Cuba or Moscow is not a problem anymore.

4. Do jobs that offers high energy-experience ratio.

WTF is energy-experience ratio (EET)? It is actually experience gained when doing some jobs---by spending some amount of energy. As an example: Settle a Beef... Permanently job in Boss level offer the highest EET in the game (for the time being) which is 2.11.

There are two ways to determine EET, which is:

a) Calculate it manually.

Here is the formula: energy/experience = EET.

In my case, Settle a Beef... Permanently job:

[energy needed = 35]
[experience gained = 74]
[EET = 2.11]

*this value may vary if you did not have those 3 loots that I have mentioned earlier.

b) Using autoplayer.

No calculator needed. It will automatically calculate it for you.

So by doing job that offer high EET, you can earn more experience by spending less energy, and eventually you will level up faster.

All of this tips requires time and hardwork. However, there is another tips---maybe the EASIEST WAY to level up. Shhh. This is a secret between us OK?

5. Buy godfather points.

It does not harm to spend a little portion of your parent’s money right? Just make sure they does not know about this thing, and I can guarantee you everything is going to be alright. :P

Any other tips you want to share or disagree with what I wrote just now? Leave your comments. Sharing is caring maa.