The clock is running. Make the most of today. Time waits for no man. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That's why it is called the present "

Dear bloggy,

Sorry I have been neglecting you for such a loooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnng time. I did not mean to do that, but there are lots of things happen around me, and subsequently preventing me to write any new entry.

Oh yeah. Fourth year as a Civil Engineering student really pressurized me. The workloads are heavier now, and I hope time could pass by faster. Hydroelectric, Construction Technology, Ethics and IDP---those words mingle around my mind from the second I woke up from my uncomfortable sleep.

Pemandangan biasa bagi aku sekarang.

What is IDP you say? IDP stands for Integrated Design Project, where all of UNIMAS Civil Engineering students have to play a role as an engineer in a particular project. I am in charge of water distribution---which I LOIKE very much. However, later on I have to take care about sewerage system too. More jobs to be done babe, and if this really happens in real life, do my salary get doubled?

Up and downs are something common in life right? There is always sunshine after a storm.

Thesis. Also known as Final Year Project. At first I find it a little much more like an ordinary assignment but when I seeped in deeper, slowly and slowly I fell in love with my topic---Micro Hydro. I am not going to tell you anything about that, find it yourself here.

Thanks to Digi Deep Green Challenge, I manage to travel in this fully-packed semester.

I never thought that this project could fly me to several places in Malaysia within a short period of time. Travelled to KL and Miri in a day, and a few weeks later, we went to Sabah, the land below the wind.

Much more to vacation rather than a final year project to me.

My precious.

Not forgetting that I forgot to bring my Identification Card during my so-called vacation.

Sabah never failed to surprise me. There are lots of things I have not done in Sabah yet, such as having a good, relaxing hot bath in Poring, sipping hot Tenom tea while enjoying its sunrise and so on.

Other than that, I wished that I could spend at least a night with the underserved communities---and DiGi fulfilled it.

A one-night stay at that kampong; Kampung Terian teach me a lot on their adat, or culture and the most important thing is I learn to appreciate life.

Just another random picture.

We humans will not live forever, so I must grab any chances (not taking advantage over someone, of course) that comes rather than complaining and stuff. It is better to think in a positive way, even the slightest joy will surely lighten up your day.

All of these events happened to me makes me ponder of what could happened to me in the future. You cannot predict what will happen to you, or even people around you.

For sure, I am curious what the world has to offer to me.