[More pictures will be uploaded later. Lupak mbak memory card tek. Adeh.]

Yippie! Finally my so called “hell week” is already over. However, there are still many assignments waiting, and not forgetting final exam is just around the corner.


Oh ya. An event that I was anticipated for-----FSGK’s Home Concert was a blast! They played wide ranges of music---from jazz to old, traditional malay song and not forgetting latest hits from the radio.

The event itself, for me is a great success. Those people from FSGK made this event somehow “exclusive”. From the audience dress code to the selection of songs performed that night, they planned it quite well. There are VIPs at that night, such as Prof. K with his wife, FIT’s dean and surprisingly, our dean, Prof. Wan is there too! This guy memang sporting la.

Another thing that mesmerized me that all of the songs played were recomposed or rearranged so that it does not resembles the actual one. Without any doubt, they have done a great job. *clap*clap*

Walt Disney’s song played that night---Reflection from Mulan’s OST and Colors of the wind from Pocahontas OST really amazed me.

For Sarawakian Pocahontas, see "Sleeping Dictionary". "Best". Seriously "Best" haha

Aside from their nice arrangements, this reminds me of my childhood memories where I sat in front of my TV sets, watching walt disney’s film, where at time there are no VCD, or even DVD. Last time I am relying on my good ol’ VHS cassette player.

I listen to various genres of music, from metal to jazz... just name it. I am sure that I know a little bit about that genre.And this includes the OST from cartoon movies. People will keep arguing with me “You listen to this song? X rock la ko tok”. Whatever.

My old time favourite is still Beauty and the Beast sang by Celine Deon and Peabo Bryson.
Really romantic. And touching. (Yeah. I admit it)

This one sang byAngela Lansbury.

So you people out there, do not under estimate the power of cartoon’s songs. They can rock the world in their own way.

Except songs like this la.

Geli kmk.