Watch this footage before reading the rest of this post.

I hate this kind of advertisement. Its quality way below par compared to Yasmin Ahmad (Allahyarham) ads.

ADS: I can do what I want because I don't worry about itch anymore.

Why? Does that 'itchiness' prevents you from doing what do you want to do? If that is the case, I am confident that you will have problems doing assignments, etc. Hmm... maybe I can use this reason for my late-submitted assignments.

ADS:Futsal is not just a man's game. I can play too.

Yeah. Even my grandma can play futsal too. As long you can kick the ball, you can be considered "can play".

I think he's trying to say "Me can play futsal too. Even though I'm not using Sunsilk.".

ADS: Sunsilk with lime nutrients.No itchiness, just freshness.

Yeah yeah. Other than that, do this shampoo significantly improve my futsal skills?

ADS: It's my life, it's my chance!

Your chance for what? For breaking the rules ka? As far as I'm concern, if there is futsal match, 5 macho guys vs 5 other macho guys, there's no way you could let a girl as a substitute. Even though she is a tomboy or a transgender.

What I'm trying to convey is---please, make a better ads.

"Good advertising does not just circulate information. It penetrates the public mind with desires and belief" - Leo Burnett

For me, Yasmin Ahmad's ads is still the best.

Her ads for Singapore's Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports.

We have lost another gem in ads/film industry.


Sunsilk haaa.

Anyway, you should Sunsilk. So that you don't worry about itch anymore. Period.