Engineer on site--working.

“The way you talk does not reflect yourself as an Engineering student, Dosz.”

Erm. Yeah. I wonder how Engineers having their evening tea, chit-chating among themselves. In “Engineering” way, of course.

Engineer A: Do you know Ah Beng involves in an accident?

Engineer B: Ah? How come?

Engineer A: There are many reasons that lead to that question. Firstly, we can assume the car that he drove maybe nearly reaching its limit design state. He should buy a new one. By the way, as we all know, he’s a lousy driver. I’m not surprised about the news.

Engineer B: But— you cannot put the blame on him, himself. The road itself can be one of the factors.

This is what we Engineers call "Road Failure". Its not that only students do fail in their exams.

Engineer A: In what way?

Engineer B: We have to consider whether that road is in what condition—is it poor? How about the bituminous layer? And the road design itself—the super elevation, the required sign board—are they displayed in the required distance?

Engineer A: It’s true.

Engineer B: A road can fail if there’s improper drainage system provided. Malaysia is a country blessed with heavy rains. Don’t argue with me. I already check the rainfall data— using Manual Saliran Mesra Alam (MASMA).

Engineer A: Nice explanation.

So “Engineering” huh? How about convert into a normal conversation.

A: Do you know Ah Beng involves in an accident?

B: Pity him.

A: Ya lah.

So short right? Better keep it this way.