Have you ever wanted to do some charity works but due to some reasons... you can't?

Don't worry, I just found out that Digi launched a campaign--"Love to Save" and it really attracts me.

By clicking a few buttons, you can donate RM5 to your favorite charity. Don't worry, Digi will pay for you, what you have to do is choose which charity that you want to help.

This campaign does not limited to Digi users, it's open to everybody!

Wonder why I chose SPCA?

For people that already been there--- they will know why.

Some of the pets were left by their owners and those eye makes me pity for them.

Tok pusak nenek aku kat sibu. Bukan SPCA mpun!

I want to bring them home, but sure later my mother would kill me as we have another cat for the time being.

sori mak mun ktk baca tok hahaha

I've done my part. How about yours?

Your single click can change everything.

Love to Save.