Are you one of the frustrated PSP-3000 owners?

Frustation makes you older. Faster.

You bought it and you didn't realize it cannot play hacked/homebrew games?

Worry no more. PSP-3000 is now hackable!

Which means you can install:

1.Custom Themes (CXMB)

One of many custom themes that you can install---for your PSP-3000!

2. Plugins for PSP
3. Emulators (SNES, GameBoy, etc.)

and the most important thing is:


Isn't it good?

Wait. You didn't know how to hack them?

Well, a friend of mine knows how to do it.

You can find him (azamen87) at Lowyat forum and most of his customers are satisfied by his works.

Usually he charged RM70 for those custom firmwares and exclusively for my blog readers, he will do it for RM60!

Wait! There's more!

For 15 first customers, you will get 20 FREE GAMES and AFTER SERVICE--for free!

Well that's not something that other people can offer.

Satisfaction guaranteed.

Are you interested but still you are worried that he will harm your beloved PSP?

Dont worry, he'll do it in front of you! Just set a place where you can meet him, and he'll do it on the spot!

Much convincing right? And this offer only applies for Kuchingites :)

What are you waiting for?

Contact him via email [pepperonicheese_band(at)yahoo(dot)com] and don't forget to write include my link at the email's subject to get that special offer!

Eg: firmware for PSP3000

Expensive? There's another way. Do it by yourself.

And make sure that you absolutely know what you’re doing :)

ps: azamen87 is a part-time PSP technician at Wisma Satok Games Station.