My quest for an awesome burger brought me to... Mmm.. I forget to ask what's the stall name. Just assume it Take Away okay?

There's a LCD Monitor... enjoy movie while waiting for your burger.

Take Away located in front of Swinburne and to be exact it is at KOPERKASA Building. If you could see the CiliPadi signboard, it's just over there.

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A friend of mine, Afiq always told that this burger stand is the best in Kuching, so I came to see it for myself.

My first impression: Their original grilled cheese burger is quite pricey, which cost you RM3.80.

...and i was wrong.

Their beef burger, I mean "Original Grilled Cheese Burger" were seriously awesome.

Its patties, were made of minced meat. Undeniably its texture were different and unique.

Charcoals.... Grrr~

Their patties were roasted using charcoal. I like it to be done this way because it allows you to cook using both direct and indirect heat. For that the outer side of the beef will be crusty, and at the same time its juicyness and tenderness will be preserved.

For me, there is no "the right rule" to serve a cheese in the burger. But, in this case, I like their style. When the patties seems to be partially cooked, they cover it with 2 slices of cheese and left melted.

Bakar bayi bakar! (Burn Baby Burn!)

Why I like this style? Firstly, this will make the beef more flavourish and juicy. Other than that, it boost its end-product presentation.


Oh ya. As you can see on the menu, you can add on a pineapple slice for 50 cent. What could i say? Its a brilliant idea! The burger became more flavourish since the pineapple slice add the sweetness into it.

The buns---perfect. It was toasted at the right temperature with the right amount of butter applied and garnished with sesame seeds. The topping consist of pickles and onions and normal chilli sauce used as a condiment.

What I could say is---you try it for yourself. My words could not describe the sensation well.

Seriously nang nyamanlah!

aku dapat rasakan ada banyak grammatical errors can post tok. lalek lah!