Everyone knows when someone goes to the hospital, that means he/she is sick, or getting treatment etc.

But in my case, I' m going there to have my burger.

This time it's Nur's burger, and their stall is located at Hospital Umum Sarawak a.k.a Sarawak General Hospital (SGH).

I think there's no need for a map since everyone knows where SGH is located right?

I try to keep this post short and simple.

Their beef burger is almost the same with other burgers, but thanks to its black pepper sauce (which is said to be a secret-recipe and fluffy (is it the right word?) bread, this will be one burger that you can't easily forget.

Its patties were average for me, not too dry, just nicely done. However, its sauce saved the day--not too spicy nor sweet. Just nice to my liking.

Tokey: Encik Hisham.

One more thing. I found out its buns were fluffy (again, is it the right word?)!

Can't imagine? It is more or less like McD's buns, when you take a bite, you can feel its tenderness. Other than that, they used fresh onions; which brings more distinct flavor to this burger.

Baruk jak mok ambik gambar burger--alu abis ditelan nya.

The end product were great. From its packaging to its burger--it is well done. I'm not being bias here, but in my opinion, nice wrappers are also important. Well, first impression matters right?

Ketawa syaitan.

Farizzul, when I'm talking about that first impression thingy, I'm not referring it to you okay?

If you somehow plan to visit somebody over there or just plainly to get a treatment, don't forget to have their burgers! Oh yeah. Have you ever heard of this saying "A burger a day keeps the doctor away"

Mmm... This does'nt seems right.