Currently im addicted to Playfish's Restaurant City game, which can be accessed through Facebook.

There's lots of games in Facebook but i like this one the most. Why?

1.Sim-like game

This game is quite simple. Your job is to manage your restaurant, decide which menu you want to serve to your customer

and you can place those furnitures--as you wish.

This includes those toilets seats.

2. Employ your own friends to work for you!

Yeah. Employ your friends as a cook in your restaurant and hire those beautiful ones as your waiter. Hate someone? Let them be your cleaner! haha *devil laughs*

I pity you. (His name were blurred out for safety purposes)

3. And torture them to death.

If you do this in real life--- i can guarantee that you will be sued by your workers la!

4. Dress Yourself!

Not satisfied with your current mouth? Buy a cuter one!

5. Decorate your restaurant!

As you can see, mine is pink. You would never find such restaurant in real life. I think so.

Actually there's only one reason why i played this game at the first place:

To beat Dollah's record!

Once i break his record--no need to play again la! Hehe

OK. Got to go now. Business is doing well---getting busy now!

Busy playing game. hehe