This time it's Man's Burger.

Man Burger.

The stall is located just below the end of Satok Bridge. Not at the Kubah Ria side, its on the other side. Just opposite Saddad Court. Literally.

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The stall was established almost for 33 years. The owner told me that the burger stall was initiated by his father 33 years ago, and then passed to his uncle, his brother and now--- it's him. So he's the 4th generation running this business.

Penjual burger yang peramah.

What makes his burger special?

Well, at the first glance it looks the same with the other street burgers. Unless, you see what he's going to do.

Basically, most of the other burger stall will use the premade beef or chicken patties which you can buy in supermarkets, but not with this one.

The patties used were made by himself. So its kinda a secret family recipe, minus 11 secret herbs and spices.

I've ordered beef burgers only since chicken burgers were sold out that time.

Tidakkah anda teransang? Mmm...

In my opinion, his burger is quite unique since the the patties were crispy (Afiq ask him to do it that way). Some of my friends claims that it is too crispy, and it is hard to bite. Well, for me its just okay, and it depends on your self. What I could say is-- their patties were really good because some people just go there and buy their raw patties for personal use.

One thing that turn me off is the bread-- it need to be toasted more.

Beef burger.

As you can see, the bread is quite thick---and the chili sauce used were very ordinary. Nothing special.

Luckily, the ingredients used were fresh. Those onions, cucumber and salads were prepared on the spot and served in a large portion.

One thing makes me ponder---he says that his patties can't be mixed with mayonnaise. Well I should ask for explanation.

Overall, the burger was okay for me. The price is quite reasonable, which is RM 1.60.

If you are in the Satok area makes sure you stop there and buy their burgers. They started their business at 8 p.m everyday and make sure you come early as those burgers gets sold out in no time.

Well, I'm still on my quest to find the most delicious, irresistable burger in Kuching. Any suggestion? Just drop them in my comment box.

Damn. I hate writing about foods. Makes me hungry.