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Wonder where we are going?

Sadong Jaya?


It's Foot Reflexology McDonald baby.

To be honest, I'm not a big fan of McDonald.

No doubt their foods are marvellous, but they are quite pricey.

Not until McValue Lunch were introduced.


Why you should you go for McValue Lunch?

1. The FOOD itself.

McValue Lunch comes with 4 sets of menu, which its main course varies from the irresistible Big Mac, enticing Spicy McDeluxe, alluring Fillet-O-Fish and mouth-watering McChicken.

Everyone has their own favorites---and so do I. Mine is Big Mac.


For me, the beef tenderness couldn’t be match by any other burger and its juiciness makes me craving for more. Not forgetting its lettuce and tomatoes---they were thick, juicy and flavorful.

Enough. I can’t take this anymore.

2. Save MORE money.


Spicy Chicken McDeluxe itself costs you RM 10.15.

But, during McValue Lunch hour, you can get Spicy Chicken McDeluxe only for RM 7.95!

And surprisingly it comes with a carbonated soft drink (M) and french fries (M)! This is totally insane!

So why pay more?

3. It’s a girl magnet.

Ahem. Tips for all the guys out there. If you take a girl for a date, make sure you bring her for a McValue lunch. Why?

a. Girls don’t eat much. So there’s no point for you to go for buffet.

b. Girls don’t like sweating, unless they are exercising. McDonald is fully air-conditioned, for your information.

c. It is our responsibility to pay for her expenses, so does with her foods. So why do you want to so much damage to your wallet since you can pay less?

e. Girls simply loves McDonald.

Err.. I'm not very sure about that.

4. Can cuci mata.

This is my theory: Hot chicks loves McDonalds.

So next time, take a deep breath, and look around you. Just see whether my theory is true or not. But beware. If you found one,don't stare too long. Or else his boyfriend beats you up and then don't blame me. I had warned you earlier. hehe

This is what I saw during my last visit to McD.

Oh sorry. My bad.

5. Stand a chance to win an iPhone 3G.

Tell me. Who would like to refuse a chance of winning an iPhone 3G?

Its iPhone 3G man! It’s not 3310 3G!

An attempt to install 3G features into 3310? Fail.

Interested? Click here for details.

For me, there’s no need for me to write this entry at the first place. The brand itself is a main player in fast food arena. Everyone knows it.

Still need a reason to go for McValue Lunch?

Just assume this time you go for the sake of Ronald McDonald.

He’s lonely.

Wanna have some?