My first burger review.

What? Burger?

Yeah. You can find on the net---there's lots of food reviews in Kuching, but none of them doing reviews on burgers.

Oh ya. I'm not going to review those McD's Spicy Chicken McDeluxe or KFC's Zinger Burger because i believe that you had tasted and enjoyed it yourself.

What I'm going to do is to review these street burgers.

Why? I found out some of these burger stalls do really serve delicious burger but due to less exposure, they still remain the same--an ordinary burger stall. I think they should be evaluated by random guys like me and my friends because I believe that good foods are meant to be shared.

For the first review, it would be Fandi's Burger.

Dengki ngan hafiz?

I'm sure who's living in Petra Jaya would have heard about Fandi's burger, which is also known as Perumahan's burger.

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Located at RPR Phase 2, this stall is quite established. This stalls have been doing business for more than 8 years or so. As other burger stalls, they operated at night only.

Surprisingly, its beef burger is quite normal while I'm expecting more. However, its beef is well-done as you can feel the outer part the burger is crispy while the inner side remain tender. Its bread is nicely cooked too, not too oily and not over toast.

Seperti burger biasa. Dah namanya burger jalanan nak?

I'm just disappointed that they were using the regular sauce and mayonnaise, and there was no salad nor tomatoes. Onion and cucumber was there but I can't complaint much as its cost you only RM1.20. Quite cheap for a beef burger.

If you are looking for a normal burger, i would like to recommend this stall. They have lots to offer, and if you are looking for something unique, I think nugget burger would hit the spot.

Murah. Dan murah.

Oh ya. I think everyone knows that we are not allowed to use hand phone while driving for safety reasons...

But how about eating burger while driving?

I wonder.