Take Away Those Burgers!

My quest for an awesome burger brought me to... Mmm.. I forget to ask what's the stall name. Just assume it Take Away okay?

There's a LCD Monitor... enjoy movie while waiting for your burger.

Take Away located in front of Swinburne and to be exact it is at KOPERKASA Building. If you could see the CiliPadi signboard, it's just over there.

Click to enlarge.

A friend of mine, Afiq always told that this burger stand is the best in Kuching, so I came to see it for myself.

My first impression: Their original grilled cheese burger is quite pricey, which cost you RM3.80.

...and i was wrong.

Their beef burger, I mean "Original Grilled Cheese Burger" were seriously awesome.

Its patties, were made of minced meat. Undeniably its texture were different and unique.

Charcoals.... Grrr~

Their patties were roasted using charcoal. I like it to be done this way because it allows you to cook using both direct and indirect heat. For that the outer side of the beef will be crusty, and at the same time its juicyness and tenderness will be preserved.

For me, there is no "the right rule" to serve a cheese in the burger. But, in this case, I like their style. When the patties seems to be partially cooked, they cover it with 2 slices of cheese and left melted.

Bakar bayi bakar! (Burn Baby Burn!)

Why I like this style? Firstly, this will make the beef more flavourish and juicy. Other than that, it boost its end-product presentation.


Oh ya. As you can see on the menu, you can add on a pineapple slice for 50 cent. What could i say? Its a brilliant idea! The burger became more flavourish since the pineapple slice add the sweetness into it.

The buns---perfect. It was toasted at the right temperature with the right amount of butter applied and garnished with sesame seeds. The topping consist of pickles and onions and normal chilli sauce used as a condiment.

What I could say is---you try it for yourself. My words could not describe the sensation well.

Seriously nang nyamanlah!

aku dapat rasakan ada banyak grammatical errors can post tok. lalek lah!

Nur's Burger

Everyone knows when someone goes to the hospital, that means he/she is sick, or getting treatment etc.

But in my case, I' m going there to have my burger.

This time it's Nur's burger, and their stall is located at Hospital Umum Sarawak a.k.a Sarawak General Hospital (SGH).

I think there's no need for a map since everyone knows where SGH is located right?

I try to keep this post short and simple.

Their beef burger is almost the same with other burgers, but thanks to its black pepper sauce (which is said to be a secret-recipe and fluffy (is it the right word?) bread, this will be one burger that you can't easily forget.

Its patties were average for me, not too dry, just nicely done. However, its sauce saved the day--not too spicy nor sweet. Just nice to my liking.

Tokey: Encik Hisham.

One more thing. I found out its buns were fluffy (again, is it the right word?)!

Can't imagine? It is more or less like McD's buns, when you take a bite, you can feel its tenderness. Other than that, they used fresh onions; which brings more distinct flavor to this burger.

Baruk jak mok ambik gambar burger--alu abis ditelan nya.

The end product were great. From its packaging to its burger--it is well done. I'm not being bias here, but in my opinion, nice wrappers are also important. Well, first impression matters right?

Ketawa syaitan.

Farizzul, when I'm talking about that first impression thingy, I'm not referring it to you okay?

If you somehow plan to visit somebody over there or just plainly to get a treatment, don't forget to have their burgers! Oh yeah. Have you ever heard of this saying "A burger a day keeps the doctor away"

Mmm... This does'nt seems right.

New Manchester United Logo

This is the current logo that they use.

And this is the new logo.

Click to enlarge.

Remember. No more Manchester United. Now it's LEE SENG CHIANG!

Photo taken at Sadong Jaya. Credit to Amham.

Very nice ho?

Man's Burger

This time it's Man's Burger.

Man Burger.

The stall is located just below the end of Satok Bridge. Not at the Kubah Ria side, its on the other side. Just opposite Saddad Court. Literally.

Click to enlarge.

The stall was established almost for 33 years. The owner told me that the burger stall was initiated by his father 33 years ago, and then passed to his uncle, his brother and now--- it's him. So he's the 4th generation running this business.

Penjual burger yang peramah.

What makes his burger special?

Well, at the first glance it looks the same with the other street burgers. Unless, you see what he's going to do.

Basically, most of the other burger stall will use the premade beef or chicken patties which you can buy in supermarkets, but not with this one.

The patties used were made by himself. So its kinda a secret family recipe, minus 11 secret herbs and spices.

I've ordered beef burgers only since chicken burgers were sold out that time.

Tidakkah anda teransang? Mmm...

In my opinion, his burger is quite unique since the the patties were crispy (Afiq ask him to do it that way). Some of my friends claims that it is too crispy, and it is hard to bite. Well, for me its just okay, and it depends on your self. What I could say is-- their patties were really good because some people just go there and buy their raw patties for personal use.

One thing that turn me off is the bread-- it need to be toasted more.

Beef burger.

As you can see, the bread is quite thick---and the chili sauce used were very ordinary. Nothing special.

Luckily, the ingredients used were fresh. Those onions, cucumber and salads were prepared on the spot and served in a large portion.

One thing makes me ponder---he says that his patties can't be mixed with mayonnaise. Well I should ask for explanation.

Overall, the burger was okay for me. The price is quite reasonable, which is RM 1.60.

If you are in the Satok area makes sure you stop there and buy their burgers. They started their business at 8 p.m everyday and make sure you come early as those burgers gets sold out in no time.

Well, I'm still on my quest to find the most delicious, irresistable burger in Kuching. Any suggestion? Just drop them in my comment box.

Damn. I hate writing about foods. Makes me hungry.


My Post Featured at mymcd.com.my!

Just got back from jalan-jalan with my buds.

As usual, turn on the computer, connect to the internet and surf Nuffnang website-- to check out the analytics.

However, today is quite different.

Im just wondering.

How come McDonald could be one of my referer?

Then i check it out and...

My God.

My post was published on MyMcD website!

Yeah yeah i know it is not a big deal. Everyone who sent their blog post will be featured there.

But for me --this is too awesome.

But wait a second.

Hey! That is not my picture! Its Faiz!


Wish me luck babe. Want to read that post? Click here.

Fandi's Burger Review

My first burger review.

What? Burger?

Yeah. You can find on the net---there's lots of food reviews in Kuching, but none of them doing reviews on burgers.

Oh ya. I'm not going to review those McD's Spicy Chicken McDeluxe or KFC's Zinger Burger because i believe that you had tasted and enjoyed it yourself.

What I'm going to do is to review these street burgers.

Why? I found out some of these burger stalls do really serve delicious burger but due to less exposure, they still remain the same--an ordinary burger stall. I think they should be evaluated by random guys like me and my friends because I believe that good foods are meant to be shared.

For the first review, it would be Fandi's Burger.

Dengki ngan hafiz?

I'm sure who's living in Petra Jaya would have heard about Fandi's burger, which is also known as Perumahan's burger.

Click to enlarge

Located at RPR Phase 2, this stall is quite established. This stalls have been doing business for more than 8 years or so. As other burger stalls, they operated at night only.

Surprisingly, its beef burger is quite normal while I'm expecting more. However, its beef is well-done as you can feel the outer part the burger is crispy while the inner side remain tender. Its bread is nicely cooked too, not too oily and not over toast.

Seperti burger biasa. Dah namanya burger jalanan nak?

I'm just disappointed that they were using the regular sauce and mayonnaise, and there was no salad nor tomatoes. Onion and cucumber was there but I can't complaint much as its cost you only RM1.20. Quite cheap for a beef burger.

If you are looking for a normal burger, i would like to recommend this stall. They have lots to offer, and if you are looking for something unique, I think nugget burger would hit the spot.

Murah. Dan murah.

Oh ya. I think everyone knows that we are not allowed to use hand phone while driving for safety reasons...

But how about eating burger while driving?

I wonder.

Fancy Collecting Penis(es) as a Hobby?

An Icelander, Sigurdur Hjartarson decided to open a Museum to show the world his eccentric collection: 143 penises from 41 mammals.

He's still waiting for a final donation to complete his collection, a human one.

Would you like to donate yours?

Congrats Hafiz!

You have transformed into such a wonderful singer.

Yeah. You make us Sarawakian proud.

At last.

My Addiction to Restaurant City

Currently im addicted to Playfish's Restaurant City game, which can be accessed through Facebook.

There's lots of games in Facebook but i like this one the most. Why?

1.Sim-like game

This game is quite simple. Your job is to manage your restaurant, decide which menu you want to serve to your customer

and you can place those furnitures--as you wish.

This includes those toilets seats.

2. Employ your own friends to work for you!

Yeah. Employ your friends as a cook in your restaurant and hire those beautiful ones as your waiter. Hate someone? Let them be your cleaner! haha *devil laughs*

I pity you. (His name were blurred out for safety purposes)

3. And torture them to death.

If you do this in real life--- i can guarantee that you will be sued by your workers la!

4. Dress Yourself!

Not satisfied with your current mouth? Buy a cuter one!

5. Decorate your restaurant!

As you can see, mine is pink. You would never find such restaurant in real life. I think so.

Actually there's only one reason why i played this game at the first place:

To beat Dollah's record!

Once i break his record--no need to play again la! Hehe

OK. Got to go now. Business is doing well---getting busy now!

Busy playing game. hehe


Have You McValue Lunch™-ed this week?





Reminder: Make sure you wear your safety belt when driving, or at least keep your eyes wide open to prevent any accident. Thank you.

Wonder where we are going?

Sadong Jaya?


It's Foot Reflexology McDonald baby.

To be honest, I'm not a big fan of McDonald.

No doubt their foods are marvellous, but they are quite pricey.

Not until McValue Lunch were introduced.


Why you should you go for McValue Lunch?

1. The FOOD itself.

McValue Lunch comes with 4 sets of menu, which its main course varies from the irresistible Big Mac, enticing Spicy McDeluxe, alluring Fillet-O-Fish and mouth-watering McChicken.

Everyone has their own favorites---and so do I. Mine is Big Mac.


For me, the beef tenderness couldn’t be match by any other burger and its juiciness makes me craving for more. Not forgetting its lettuce and tomatoes---they were thick, juicy and flavorful.

Enough. I can’t take this anymore.

2. Save MORE money.


Spicy Chicken McDeluxe itself costs you RM 10.15.

But, during McValue Lunch hour, you can get Spicy Chicken McDeluxe only for RM 7.95!

And surprisingly it comes with a carbonated soft drink (M) and french fries (M)! This is totally insane!

So why pay more?

3. It’s a girl magnet.

Ahem. Tips for all the guys out there. If you take a girl for a date, make sure you bring her for a McValue lunch. Why?

a. Girls don’t eat much. So there’s no point for you to go for buffet.

b. Girls don’t like sweating, unless they are exercising. McDonald is fully air-conditioned, for your information.

c. It is our responsibility to pay for her expenses, so does with her foods. So why do you want to so much damage to your wallet since you can pay less?

e. Girls simply loves McDonald.

Err.. I'm not very sure about that.

4. Can cuci mata.

This is my theory: Hot chicks loves McDonalds.

So next time, take a deep breath, and look around you. Just see whether my theory is true or not. But beware. If you found one,don't stare too long. Or else his boyfriend beats you up and then don't blame me. I had warned you earlier. hehe

This is what I saw during my last visit to McD.

Oh sorry. My bad.

5. Stand a chance to win an iPhone 3G.

Tell me. Who would like to refuse a chance of winning an iPhone 3G?

Its iPhone 3G man! It’s not 3310 3G!

An attempt to install 3G features into 3310? Fail.

Interested? Click here for details.

For me, there’s no need for me to write this entry at the first place. The brand itself is a main player in fast food arena. Everyone knows it.

Still need a reason to go for McValue Lunch?

Just assume this time you go for the sake of Ronald McDonald.

He’s lonely.

Wanna have some?

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