External Flash 101

For photography enthusiast, having an external flash is a must.

source: http://pentaxdslrs.blogspot.com/

...but having a flash set WITHOUT a DSLR camera is kinda stupid.

There are several reasons why professionals don't use built-in flash:

1. On-camera flash is more likely to create red-eye in your portrait photos
2. The light is harsh, direct and always comes from the direction of the camera
3. Many cameras don't allow you to control the intensity of the built-in flash
4. Built-in flash units are less powerful, and can't light large areas effectively

Picture shown below shows the difference between a picture taken without flash; vice versa.

Just joking :P


bila aku mok ada aku pun DSLR kedirik tok~

Erotic Cuisine?

I went to a newly-opened restaurant recently.

Skimmed through their menu.



Mmm... i decided to order chocolate shake...



Kinda hungry... but i dont know what im going to eat




Is it kinda a new menu---which is not offered by other restaurant?

This girl cost you only RM59.90. Cheap.

If they have this girl, I'm surely will EAT them :p

ADV: How to get your own domain for FREE.

edited: yeah. i missed out some critical infos on this article. my bad.

I've seen lots of advertisement. And some of them are being too exaggerated.

I still remember there's an advertisement on a pencil---that student use that product and he can play tennis VERY WELL and he could play musical instruments like professionals.

Source: www.sportsbook-bonus.net
I bet this guy use that pencil also.

But to think about it... what does that pencil do with tennis and playing instruments?

This is too much.

Those people--they are making a mountain out of a molehill.

Be frank la. If your slimming product can make people lost weight, its ok la. Just dont tell us it can make you lost up weight until people recognized you as Tom Cruise. Its bullshit man.

Encik Tom Cruise.

I found all the advertisers using the same tactics, until i met this site:


Most review sites rank web hosting companies by common terms such as “best web hosting”, ”reliable web hosting” or “cheap web hosting”. Instead, this site looks at web hosting companies from a different angle - by analyzing how many negative reviews has been made on certain webhostings. An example is illustrated below:

AnalysisKeywords UsedTotal Results
HostmonsterHostmonster Sucksabout 1,100
BluehostBluehost Sucksabout 1,480
WebhostingpadWebhostingpad Sucksabout 170
JustHostJust Host Sucksalmost none
WebfactionWebfaction Sucksalmost none

So, if you still thinking on choosing the right web hosting for your blog/pornwebsite, why don't you go to this site and read their reviews--sometimes people judge one's service by knowing which one has the least problems with customers, the least “suck” pages on Google SERP, and least negative feedback from users on this site.

Wait. I think i forgot something.


Oh yeah! How to get your own domain for free? Simply enter this contest by Hostingthatsuck.com! It's easy!

*im writing this entry for the sake of that contest. hehe*

Yeah. Even the best hostings me sucks sometimes.

If i win this contest, this blog will be ducknezz.com haha :p

It's Over Now!

Yeah. My Industrial Training is already over.


Well. I've got to settle my report. And for the time being--enjoy these pictures!

(I won't update my Flickr anymore. That's for sure.)


Plastering works.



Coconut tree.


Bananas for sale.


Sadong Jaya's sunset.

Wak mengenang cowok nun jauh di perbatasan.

Bangla on duty.

Dah tua pun maok berkelaie.

Cucu penghulu yang nakal.



Fashion Everywhere.

Read Diana Rikasari's blog just now.

Quite interesting. Its all about fashion.

The one that caught my eyes is this post.

Cute :)


It reminds me of this guy.

Sungguh hensem kamu Chimong. Err.. Camne mok spell nama ko?

Anggun sungguh.

One week left. Better finish my report faster :(

2 Weeks More.

Yeah. 2 weeks left.

Really can't wait.

No real update for this week huh? Dayum.

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