License to Kill.

Sekadar gambar hiasan.

Feeling angry? Want to kill somebody?

You should hire him.

James Bond: License to Kill.

He got license to kill.

What? It is impossible to hire James Bond because we are from Malaysia?

Don't worry. We got one.

License to kill LicentokiL.



...they only got license to kill insect la.

Me? I only have driving license.

Tak mampu.

Oh yeah. For the time being, this blog will be updated weekly.


Wanna see a movie where a motorcars transforms into robot, shoot and run here and there like hell?

Go watch Transformers 2 a.k.a

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Hey. Tell me. Who don't know about the Transformers?

Growing up with the Transformers--from its cartoon series until last year-- they released their first live-action movie. Isn't that great? LOL

Aside of their cool robots--they features cool cars too.

Truck a.k.a Optimus Prime

Ford Mustang a.k.a Barricade

Following its series for almost 20 years, there's one thing for sure.

From the cartoon series, the actual Bumblebee is a Volkswagen Beetle

Cartoon version of Bumblebee in Volkswagen Beetle form.

But in their first movie, Bumblebee is Chevrolet Camaro!

Movie Version of Bumblebee in 2009 Chevrolet Camaro form.

Yeah. Everyone knows that. But the facts that bugging me is that--

Why they didn't choose proton cars?

Protons cars waiting to be choose.

These Proton cars aren't bad right? Plus, its compact and cute looking resembles Volkswagen Beetle.

I bet Michael Bay already picked Proton Savvy or Satria Neo in their shortlist, but for certain reasons he canceled.

Why he did so?

For me, maybe these are the reasons.

1. Proton's cars can be easily wrecks (except Savvy, i think.)

Such an action movie requires a tough-built cars, not an easily wrecked ones. Using proton cars like mine (Proton Iswara)-- no way la. The decepticons sneezes at your cars and this will happen.

Impact caused by Barricade's tahi hidung.

2. The Door knob always out of order.

Imagine that you are the hero in that movie. By the time you want to make love with the heroin...

Megan Fox is hot damnit!

And suddenly the bad guys appears. Damn! Memang kacau daun. You run hurriedly to the car and...

...the door knob broke.

Surely die la like this liao.

While im writing this entry, i saw this ads on television.


An attempt to catch buyers attention by releasing transformers-like ads?

I hope the product match the ads.




Minta maaf aku telah menyalahgunakan anda.



nota kaki: semua gambar di atas digunakan/di edit tanpa kebenaran. minta maaf~


No update for this week.

I'm going to have my OT in Sadong Jaya.

nota kaki satu: minggu pertama aku kat Sadong Jaya pada hari ahad.
nota kaki dua: aku update blog tok kat pejabat konsultan. Dayum.


I'm environmental-friendly guy.

I'm trying to be serious this time.

Talking about Global Warming--lots of people knows about it but how many people CARES about it?

The effects of climate change caused by carbon emissions pose the greatest threat to life on Earth. Only by changing the world’s collective attitude towards the use of carbon-emitting energy sources can we alleviate this threat.

Actually there's lots of ways to conserve the environment.

1. Change your habit.

With a few simple daily acts, by changing some of our habits, we can improve our chances for the future for everyone.

a. Remember to turn out the light when you leave a room or when natural daylight is sufficient.

b. Fix water leaks (even very small ones).

2. Carpooling.
Carpooling is cool! By doing this you'll save money on oil, plus it reduces the amount of carbon dioxide released to the air. That's theory part. For guys-- you should take this opportunity.

Lelaki: Hi cik adek... jom naik kereta abang... dapat kita selamatkan alam sekitar dan disamping itu kita boleh berkenalan :) (dengan senyuman manja)
Perempuan: ...

2. Change your daily products.

Use eco-friendly products in your daily life.

Hemp is considered to be a fully sustainable and biodegradable fabric, so it’s the way to go if you’re looking for environmentally friendly clothing.

Even car manufacturers trying to get the buyer's attention by releasing eco-friendly cars series.

One of the "eco-friendly" cars.

Another way to show your support to fight global warming is to participate in Earth Hour.

" Earth Hour is a global WWF climate change initiative where individuals, businesses and governments will turn out their lights for one hour to show their support for action on climate change. In 2009 Earth Hour aims to reach 1 billion people in 1,000 cities.

Earth Hour aims to educate the global community about the threat of climate change and how easy it is for individuals and businesses to make small changes to the way they live and operate - small changes that will make a big difference.

Participating in Earth Hour is a contribution to a united global message to individuals, businesses, politicians and governments around the world that climate change affects and is the responsibility of the global community."
taken from Earth Hour.

This event takes place on March 28, at 8.30 p.m to 9.30 p.m. Major broadcasters such as 8tv will have transmission shutdown on that time to show their support on this program.

How about you?

Sign up now to show support to fight Global Warming!

nota kaki satu: deng telah mempengaruhi diri ini secara tidak lansung untuk menulis pos ini. Mmuah!
nota kaki dua: bila semua tempat gelap-gelita pada 28 Mac, jangan lah mengambil kesempatan itu untuk membuat perkara yang tidak senonoh.

nota kaki tiga: susah nak menulis pos dalam nada yang formal. agak formal la.
nota kaki empat: aku skati jak ngkah title pos tok.


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