Industrial Training. Again.

28th February 2009.

Sudah genap dua bulan kaki ini melangkah ke site.

It's been two months since i'm doing my internship.

Surprisingly, some people still asking me this type of question.

(that some people): Dosz, you're doing your internship right?
Me: Yeah. I'm
lelaki sejati what.
(that some people): So what you do?
Me: ...

Especially for you guys out there, i'm doing
pendedahan eksklusif on what i'm doing for my internship.

Raw. Uncensored. Uncut.

Awang menjalankan tugas tanpa berbelah bahagi dan tekun.

Okay. Firstly, all of us trainees were sent to headquarters for some briefing and stuff. So there's nothing we can do since most of our job is on site. For more infos, check out this post.

All of these sad days comes to an end. Finally all of us sent to the project's site.

What we have done everyday is quite repetitive.

To make it simple, i'll divide it into two section:

a) at site's office

Almost 50% of our time spent in the office. Actually, being an engineer is quite tough. I repeat, IT'S QUITE TOUGH.

During the construction process, we must check whether the workers use the correct size of steel bars, doing some check ups to make sure there is no defects during concreting and so on. So, we have to prepared mentally and physically. Tough right?

Before going to the site, all of us must study the blueprints. This is CRUCIAL because by doing that you will know what's the right size of bars to use, the dimensions, etc.

Mengkaji pelan dengan teliti, persis, adil dan saksama.

Prepared? Then were going to the site.

b) at site.

Engineers at work.


Shooh. We are busy right now. Do not disturb us.


Santa Claus.

For antenna: Actually the tv's not working, not the antenna. The problem is-- its i.c, if im not mistaken. Now its already sent for repairing. Damn.

Kelihatan agak gembira di situ.

Everyone knows this guy.

Yeah. Santa Claus.

But not everyone knows that:

Hidup ini ibarat roda. Ada masanya di atas, ada masa kita kan berada dibawah. Tapi selalunya di bawah.

1. He's working hard to earn money to bring happiness to all of children around the world.

2. Perut boroi no more.
3. He's asking for donation.
Berapa jak la gaji barbender.

Xpat mok tulis banyak-banyak. Aku tengah demam.


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