Welcome to Sadong Jaya.

Last time when i'm telling people that im going to do my practical in Sadong Jaya--surprisingly, lots of people DON'T KNOW where is this place located.

Some people guessed:

1. It is somewhere near Matang Jaya.

No no no. Matang Jaya is nowhere near Sadong Jaya even though they got the "Jaya" name in the end

2. Near Sibu.

No no no.
Pelik na ktkorg tok eyh.

3. At Semenanjung Malaysia.

Jangan jadi org Sarawak. Please.

Okay. Sadong Jaya is approximately 1 hour drive from Kota Samarahan and it takes only 30 minutes if you use ferry.

When i say this place is quite remote--you must believe me. If Kuching people says "pasar", the first thing in their mind maybe:

1. Satok

2. The Spring

3. Sarawak Plaza

4. Electra House

But in Sadong Jaya, when you said "pasar", you will get this.

Pendam's pasar.

Hey! Dont laugh! At least they got something that even The Spring don't have.

Tell me where you can get those stuff nowadays.

Anyway, its not that bad living in here. They got all basic amenities, and most of all the villagers are quite friendly.

For the time being, we rented a house at Kg. Ulu Pendam, 4KM from our site.

Our house is quite flexible actually. Ever heard of Kampung Air?

Labuan Water Village

Our house could transform into one if we want so*.

Can jetski also if you want.

*only applicable on rainy seasons or flood.

Our favourite past time? Sun bathing. Really.

Sun bath for westerners.

Sun bath for Sadong Jaya's people*.

*sak jak kmk org tgh ngerin tilam lekak kenak banjir.

There's no problem to find food here.

A seafood fan? We could catch one just in front of our house.

Look! Its a crab! No--Its a prawn! No! I don't know!

Er... I don't know what is this thingy...

Frankie ketawa syaitan setelah berjaya menangkap si makhluk durjana itu.

Frankie... are you sure this going to be our dinner? I pass.

Well... there's another thing that makes Sadong Jaya differs from another place.

Looks like an ordinary Kedai Runcit.

Abdul Aziz Enterprise.

But beware! It can be a petrol station too!

Mengisi minyak dengan penuh kesabaran dan rasa iri hati.

Where else you could find a petrol station where the pump attendants are using their sarong/kemban?

Okay-lah. For RM2 per litre, you can enjoy these privileges:

1. Realreward.
3. A chance to flirt with the shop's daughter.

Well. This is my first week in Sadong Jaya, so there's a lot of thing that i missed out. There's a rumor that they got Rumah Urut here.. should i go there? Hmm.. tempting.

For practical thingy, just read Mumu's blog. He's already making fun of me.

Aku dibuli.


update: to mumu,

if this could happen,

Excavator tenggelam dek lautan lumpur yang bergelora.

So this one kira common-lah.

Kitakorang rasa tok kaki sepa? Undian dibuka sekarang.