Perasaan tumpas di medan perang seringkali bermain di fikiran.

Being not able to solve a Rubik's Cube sure will bring a BIG FRUSTRATION.

You spin here and there, and in the end--there's not a single side that you can solve. Lastly, you left your rubik's cube untouched for a long time.

Don't worry! Especially for my blog readers--i'll write an article on


This is a Rubik's Cube. Get one now!

Why you have to learn how to solve it?

1. To impress your friends.
2. To feel like a genius
3. To show how nerd you are.

Actually it isn't that hard to play with it. Just follow my step-by-step tutorials.

1. Hold it like this. Pegang kiub Rubik dengan penuh kasih sayang dan badan menghala ke arah kiblat.

2. Twist vertically on either side vigorously.

3. Stop for a while and take a deep breath.

4. Twist on the vertical side randomly.

5. Still dont get the result that you want? Twist some more.

6. Twist again.

8. And again.

9. Damn.

This tutorial will be postponed for a while until i got myself a new Rubik's Cube.