Rumah kami di Sadong Jaya banjir buat kali kedua. Jadi jangan hairan jika blog ini lambat di-update.

Andai dipisah lagu dan irama, lemah tiada berjiwa, hampa"

- P.Ramlee.

Wait. I'm not talking about P.Ramlee. Or even Getaran jiwa.

I'm talking about this.

Aku ambik gambar tv, bukannya gambar ktkorg.

Yeah. The television.

Its already 2 weeks we stayed in Sadong Jaya, everything's going fine but one thing for sure--- all of us didn't know what happening out there.

Somehow this situation COULD happen.

A: Kenak ko x pegi semayang jumaat tek?
B: Eh. Pahal?
A: Ari tok ari jumaat.
B: Ari jumaat?
A: Aok.
B: Oh. Ingat ari sabtu tek. X tauk ku dow. Aku x terdedah dengan perkembangan semasa.

Why? Ya la. Its quite hard to find newspapers here, and if they got---it will be the local newspaper such as Utusan Borneo.

Internet? We have it but such amenities is only accessible in the consultant's office, so we a little bit
malu la to use.

Thats why we need a revolution. We need a TV!

Actually our Boss already proposed about this matter to our Big Boss (Boss and Big Boss is a different entity,
bukannya sosok-sosok gelap) and he agreed to give us the company's TV, but the latest problem is---that TV can't find any signal!

Luckily for us that the TV just need a new antenna in order to catch the signals.

Long story short, we bought an antenna. A motor-driven rotating antenna.

The new antenna--still in the box.

Good bye baby. Jasamu akan kami kenang.

It should be easy assembling all these thing...

It should be easy...

But it's not!

Reality is always cruel. The instruction manual is hardly understandable and some of them are craps.

Esyam trying to analyze the manual.

Easy to install and operate IF proper manuals provided. WTF!

Nevermind. We try to assemble them ourselves. Based on our naluri kelakian.

Okay... that X-thing should be here...

Erk... Boss... You look like wrestling la...

Compare this picture...

...with this one.

It's not easy to attach all these parts. Seriously.

Actually kmkorg salah bukak. Sik perlu kaco pun board tok.

Awang lamak gilak tunggu sampe dapat polah lion dance. Just another random picture.

Finally! It DOES look like a typical antenna!

...or a typical sci-fi machine gun?

OK. Lets try.

Does it work?


Impossible. It should works.

Wait. Where should this wire placed?


Ilekla. Xkan la alu mok manas Mumu.

Mumu marah bak Godzilla.


Gong Xi Fa Cai.

I just want wish all my Chinese friends and readers---

Gong Xi Fa Cai


Happy Chinese New Year!

I hope this New Year will be a very happy, prosperous and meaningful Year of to all of you.

My hopes for this year are:

1. Receive Angpaus from my Chinese family. and friends.

Kat gambar di atas tangan ney nak merik, tangan ney nak menerima? Persoalan.

2. Err.. I mean LOTS of Angpaus.

The more the merrier.

3. Yeah! Wang Besar! Wang Besar! ( ikut style Roda Impian)

Sayangnya hanyalah sekadar hiasan, bukannya realiti.

Anyway, once again

Gong Xi Fa Cai.


Here's the situation.

When there's a time, where you are seriously need to go to the toilet and...

The DAMNED toilet.

It doesn't allow you to use 'em.


What's the first word come out from your mouth?

Participate in my survey and the result will be displayed in the next update.


Sadong Jaya.

Welcome to Sadong Jaya.

Last time when i'm telling people that im going to do my practical in Sadong Jaya--surprisingly, lots of people DON'T KNOW where is this place located.

Some people guessed:

1. It is somewhere near Matang Jaya.

No no no. Matang Jaya is nowhere near Sadong Jaya even though they got the "Jaya" name in the end

2. Near Sibu.

No no no.
Pelik na ktkorg tok eyh.

3. At Semenanjung Malaysia.

Jangan jadi org Sarawak. Please.

Okay. Sadong Jaya is approximately 1 hour drive from Kota Samarahan and it takes only 30 minutes if you use ferry.

When i say this place is quite remote--you must believe me. If Kuching people says "pasar", the first thing in their mind maybe:

1. Satok

2. The Spring

3. Sarawak Plaza

4. Electra House

But in Sadong Jaya, when you said "pasar", you will get this.

Pendam's pasar.

Hey! Dont laugh! At least they got something that even The Spring don't have.

Tell me where you can get those stuff nowadays.

Anyway, its not that bad living in here. They got all basic amenities, and most of all the villagers are quite friendly.

For the time being, we rented a house at Kg. Ulu Pendam, 4KM from our site.

Our house is quite flexible actually. Ever heard of Kampung Air?

Labuan Water Village

Our house could transform into one if we want so*.

Can jetski also if you want.

*only applicable on rainy seasons or flood.

Our favourite past time? Sun bathing. Really.

Sun bath for westerners.

Sun bath for Sadong Jaya's people*.

*sak jak kmk org tgh ngerin tilam lekak kenak banjir.

There's no problem to find food here.

A seafood fan? We could catch one just in front of our house.

Look! Its a crab! No--Its a prawn! No! I don't know!

Er... I don't know what is this thingy...

Frankie ketawa syaitan setelah berjaya menangkap si makhluk durjana itu.

Frankie... are you sure this going to be our dinner? I pass.

Well... there's another thing that makes Sadong Jaya differs from another place.

Looks like an ordinary Kedai Runcit.

Abdul Aziz Enterprise.

But beware! It can be a petrol station too!

Mengisi minyak dengan penuh kesabaran dan rasa iri hati.

Where else you could find a petrol station where the pump attendants are using their sarong/kemban?

Okay-lah. For RM2 per litre, you can enjoy these privileges:

1. Realreward.
3. A chance to flirt with the shop's daughter.

Well. This is my first week in Sadong Jaya, so there's a lot of thing that i missed out. There's a rumor that they got Rumah Urut here.. should i go there? Hmm.. tempting.

For practical thingy, just read Mumu's blog. He's already making fun of me.

Aku dibuli.


update: to mumu,

if this could happen,

Excavator tenggelam dek lautan lumpur yang bergelora.

So this one kira common-lah.

Kitakorang rasa tok kaki sepa? Undian dibuka sekarang.

Rubik's Cube.

Perasaan tumpas di medan perang seringkali bermain di fikiran.

Being not able to solve a Rubik's Cube sure will bring a BIG FRUSTRATION.

You spin here and there, and in the end--there's not a single side that you can solve. Lastly, you left your rubik's cube untouched for a long time.

Don't worry! Especially for my blog readers--i'll write an article on


This is a Rubik's Cube. Get one now!

Why you have to learn how to solve it?

1. To impress your friends.
2. To feel like a genius
3. To show how nerd you are.

Actually it isn't that hard to play with it. Just follow my step-by-step tutorials.

1. Hold it like this. Pegang kiub Rubik dengan penuh kasih sayang dan badan menghala ke arah kiblat.

2. Twist vertically on either side vigorously.

3. Stop for a while and take a deep breath.

4. Twist on the vertical side randomly.

5. Still dont get the result that you want? Twist some more.

6. Twist again.

8. And again.

9. Damn.

This tutorial will be postponed for a while until i got myself a new Rubik's Cube.


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