Maruah Bola Sepak Negara

Pada hari ini, tanggal 17 Disember 2009 akan menjadi satu hari yang bersejarah bagi negara kita, terutamanya kepada persada sukan tanah air.

Kegersangan kita untuk meraih pingat emas untuk acara Bola Sepak di Sukan Asia Tenggara ternyata jelas di raut wajah semua rakyat Malaysia, setelah kita berjaya mengharungi detik-detik cemas ketika menentang Thailand dan berjaya menumpaskan Laos yang bermain di tempat sendiri, bertemankan 20,000 peminat fanatik.

Sekadar gambar hiasan.

Dan akhirnya, kita ke final.

Namun pada petang ini, kita akan menyaksikan satu perlawanan di mana maruah kita akan dipertaruhkan---Malaysia menentang Vietnam.

Meskipun kita masih dihantui oleh kekalahan Malaysia apabila berhadapan dengan Vietnam di pusingan kelayakan, dan prestasi-prestasi yang lepas, saya percaya bahawa Malaysia masih mampu bangkit dari kekalahan semalam.

Adalah menjadi harapan agar mereka bermain dengan bersungguh-sungguh, dan membawa sebutir emas untuk kita, rakyat Malaysia.

Apa tunggu lagi! Marilah kita bersama-sama menonton secara langsung perlawanan ini di kaca televisyen anda! Jangan bimbang kepada sesiapa yang tidak melanggan perhidmatan Astro kerana perlawanan ini akan disiarkan di TV2 dan TV3, pada pukul 5.45 petang nanti.

Soraklah untuk pasukan negara anda!

Rasanya ini bukan line-up terkini pasukan kita. Lantaklah!


Update: Malaysia won the match by 1 goal. The match is not that great, but a win is still a win right? Congrats!

There is a Malaysian Actor in Storm Warriors?

Do not worry. I do not write any spoiler in this post. Keep on reading this post.

One of the most anticipated movies in this year, “Storm Warriors” already released a few days ago.

The Storm Warriors.

This movie brings back my sweet and irreplaceable childhood memories as I grew up reading Ma Wing Shi’s Fung Wan or Pedang Setiawan in Malay. This comic is considered as must-read if you a fan of martial arts, swordplay or wuxia.

Seriously cerita tok nang bergaya.

This movie is totally awesome, but something is bothering me.

It is not that Ekin Cheng is visibly getting older or Aaron Kwok’s hair which looks like mine (ceh!) , it is Kenny Ho.

Who is Kenny Ho?

Kenny Ho as Nameless (Sikda Nama)

He is acting as Nameless, one of the legends in the world of Storm Riders.

Nameless, depicted from the comic.

No matter how many times I see his face, even from different angles--- for me, he looks like this guy.

Akhil Hayy? Spoil na jwak eh.

How to Live Your Live

A guide on how to live your life. Made easy.

Simple huh? Yeah yeah I am just posting this crap for the sake of updating this blog. Real update will be soon.

A rabbit will always faster than a tortoise.

I went to Mechanical lab today because I need to prepare something for my trip to Simulong Ulu, Sri Aman.

Used their drill machine, while searching for the on button, I saw a lever to control the speed of the drill.


Happy Birthday to My Blog!

It is unbelievable. You are now one year old! (and two months, to be exact).

Sorry sorry. Never meant to abandon you, but nowadays life is a little bit hectic.

Will post more, soon.

Update: New layout, cleaner and simpler theme. Also added recommend plugins, which is located at the top of every post. A new feature, if you guys like my post, click it! So that the other readers now which post is good or worth to be read for.

You help me, and I will help you (sekali lagi x da kaitan.)

Mafia Wars Fast Levelling Guide

It is one of the most played games in Facebook. Mafia Wars. Lots of people played it but it turns out that only a few can level up fast.

This post is mainly on LEVELLING UP ONLY, I have done it and it works. This is for educational purposes only, no hard feelings okay? (Tiba-tiba jak)

1. Everytime you levelled up, spend your points on energy only.

Once you levelled up, you will be granted 5 skill points. Do not waste it on other traits! Why?

a. To level up, one need to increase their energy as your level increases, more energy needed to settle those jobs.

b. You can upgrade other traits using inventory rewards.

c. When you meet your friends, they would not ask “What is your mafia’s health/attack/defense/stamina?” first. They wil ask what is your level. So why spend those points on other parts right?

2. Use autoplayer.

This is not cheating... in my opinion. Anyway if you did not tell your friends... they would not know right? For the time being, the best autoplayer up to date is MWAP 0.9.24. How to use it?

a. Install Mozilla Firefox
b. Get GreaseMonkey plugins (link click here)
c. Fetch MWAP script (link click here)
d. Adjust setting. (go figure out yourself)

Voila! Your autoplayer is ready to be used.

3. Finish New York jobs first.

Rather than doing NY-Cuba-Moscow jobs on the same time, it is recommended to finish all NY before pursueing the other two. The loots in Cuba and Moscow are very tempting, I know. But our main objective is to level up. So thats why finish up NY jobs so that you can earn this loots:

Helicopter: Grant you a 30 second reduction on your energy regen timer. Can be earned by completing consigliere level.

Private Island: Adds 5% bonus experience when doing jobs. Added into your inventory once you settle Underboss level.

Golden throne: Its only a golden-coloured toilet bowl. Seriously. Can be earned by completing Boss level, and in return you earn two energy points every 4.5 minutes or 3 minutes for maniac instead of one energy point.

Two times the energy, twice as fast to settle down those jobs. Once all of those stuff were added into your inventory, doing jobs in Cuba or Moscow is not a problem anymore.

4. Do jobs that offers high energy-experience ratio.

WTF is energy-experience ratio (EET)? It is actually experience gained when doing some jobs---by spending some amount of energy. As an example: Settle a Beef... Permanently job in Boss level offer the highest EET in the game (for the time being) which is 2.11.

There are two ways to determine EET, which is:

a) Calculate it manually.

Here is the formula: energy/experience = EET.

In my case, Settle a Beef... Permanently job:

[energy needed = 35]
[experience gained = 74]
[EET = 2.11]

*this value may vary if you did not have those 3 loots that I have mentioned earlier.

b) Using autoplayer.

No calculator needed. It will automatically calculate it for you.

So by doing job that offer high EET, you can earn more experience by spending less energy, and eventually you will level up faster.

All of this tips requires time and hardwork. However, there is another tips---maybe the EASIEST WAY to level up. Shhh. This is a secret between us OK?

5. Buy godfather points.

It does not harm to spend a little portion of your parent’s money right? Just make sure they does not know about this thing, and I can guarantee you everything is going to be alright. :P

Any other tips you want to share or disagree with what I wrote just now? Leave your comments. Sharing is caring maa.

Of Home Concert and Walt Disney’s songs

[More pictures will be uploaded later. Lupak mbak memory card tek. Adeh.]

Yippie! Finally my so called “hell week” is already over. However, there are still many assignments waiting, and not forgetting final exam is just around the corner.


Oh ya. An event that I was anticipated for-----FSGK’s Home Concert was a blast! They played wide ranges of music---from jazz to old, traditional malay song and not forgetting latest hits from the radio.

The event itself, for me is a great success. Those people from FSGK made this event somehow “exclusive”. From the audience dress code to the selection of songs performed that night, they planned it quite well. There are VIPs at that night, such as Prof. K with his wife, FIT’s dean and surprisingly, our dean, Prof. Wan is there too! This guy memang sporting la.

Another thing that mesmerized me that all of the songs played were recomposed or rearranged so that it does not resembles the actual one. Without any doubt, they have done a great job. *clap*clap*

Walt Disney’s song played that night---Reflection from Mulan’s OST and Colors of the wind from Pocahontas OST really amazed me.

For Sarawakian Pocahontas, see "Sleeping Dictionary". "Best". Seriously "Best" haha

Aside from their nice arrangements, this reminds me of my childhood memories where I sat in front of my TV sets, watching walt disney’s film, where at time there are no VCD, or even DVD. Last time I am relying on my good ol’ VHS cassette player.

I listen to various genres of music, from metal to jazz... just name it. I am sure that I know a little bit about that genre.And this includes the OST from cartoon movies. People will keep arguing with me “You listen to this song? X rock la ko tok”. Whatever.

My old time favourite is still Beauty and the Beast sang by Celine Deon and Peabo Bryson.
Really romantic. And touching. (Yeah. I admit it)

This one sang byAngela Lansbury.

So you people out there, do not under estimate the power of cartoon’s songs. They can rock the world in their own way.

Except songs like this la.

Geli kmk.

Coincidence huh?

When i am looking for new, hot songs on Hitz website, I found out this one.

Nothing special? Look closely...

Total coincidence huh?

New categories from now on, Total randomness.

Miyabi and DVD Sales

I am rarely going back home nowadays. UNIMAS is not that far from my home, it is just that I am too busy right now with my assignments and stuff.

Just now I went back and suddenly the newspaper caught my attention.

Hmm... no comment. If this articles means something to you, take my porn addiction test :P

To Life: Come what may, I can take it!

The clock is running. Make the most of today. Time waits for no man. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That's why it is called the present "

Dear bloggy,

Sorry I have been neglecting you for such a loooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnng time. I did not mean to do that, but there are lots of things happen around me, and subsequently preventing me to write any new entry.

Oh yeah. Fourth year as a Civil Engineering student really pressurized me. The workloads are heavier now, and I hope time could pass by faster. Hydroelectric, Construction Technology, Ethics and IDP---those words mingle around my mind from the second I woke up from my uncomfortable sleep.

Pemandangan biasa bagi aku sekarang.

What is IDP you say? IDP stands for Integrated Design Project, where all of UNIMAS Civil Engineering students have to play a role as an engineer in a particular project. I am in charge of water distribution---which I LOIKE very much. However, later on I have to take care about sewerage system too. More jobs to be done babe, and if this really happens in real life, do my salary get doubled?

Up and downs are something common in life right? There is always sunshine after a storm.

Thesis. Also known as Final Year Project. At first I find it a little much more like an ordinary assignment but when I seeped in deeper, slowly and slowly I fell in love with my topic---Micro Hydro. I am not going to tell you anything about that, find it yourself here.

Thanks to Digi Deep Green Challenge, I manage to travel in this fully-packed semester.

I never thought that this project could fly me to several places in Malaysia within a short period of time. Travelled to KL and Miri in a day, and a few weeks later, we went to Sabah, the land below the wind.

Much more to vacation rather than a final year project to me.

My precious.

Not forgetting that I forgot to bring my Identification Card during my so-called vacation.

Sabah never failed to surprise me. There are lots of things I have not done in Sabah yet, such as having a good, relaxing hot bath in Poring, sipping hot Tenom tea while enjoying its sunrise and so on.

Other than that, I wished that I could spend at least a night with the underserved communities---and DiGi fulfilled it.

A one-night stay at that kampong; Kampung Terian teach me a lot on their adat, or culture and the most important thing is I learn to appreciate life.

Just another random picture.

We humans will not live forever, so I must grab any chances (not taking advantage over someone, of course) that comes rather than complaining and stuff. It is better to think in a positive way, even the slightest joy will surely lighten up your day.

All of these events happened to me makes me ponder of what could happened to me in the future. You cannot predict what will happen to you, or even people around you.

For sure, I am curious what the world has to offer to me.


This advertisement sucks!

Watch this footage before reading the rest of this post.

I hate this kind of advertisement. Its quality way below par compared to Yasmin Ahmad (Allahyarham) ads.

ADS: I can do what I want because I don't worry about itch anymore.

Why? Does that 'itchiness' prevents you from doing what do you want to do? If that is the case, I am confident that you will have problems doing assignments, etc. Hmm... maybe I can use this reason for my late-submitted assignments.

ADS:Futsal is not just a man's game. I can play too.

Yeah. Even my grandma can play futsal too. As long you can kick the ball, you can be considered "can play".

I think he's trying to say "Me can play futsal too. Even though I'm not using Sunsilk.".

ADS: Sunsilk with lime nutrients.No itchiness, just freshness.

Yeah yeah. Other than that, do this shampoo significantly improve my futsal skills?

ADS: It's my life, it's my chance!

Your chance for what? For breaking the rules ka? As far as I'm concern, if there is futsal match, 5 macho guys vs 5 other macho guys, there's no way you could let a girl as a substitute. Even though she is a tomboy or a transgender.

What I'm trying to convey is---please, make a better ads.

"Good advertising does not just circulate information. It penetrates the public mind with desires and belief" - Leo Burnett

For me, Yasmin Ahmad's ads is still the best.

Her ads for Singapore's Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports.

We have lost another gem in ads/film industry.


Sunsilk haaa.

Anyway, you should Sunsilk. So that you don't worry about itch anymore. Period.

Great Cover Songs.

Sometimes, (love it or not) covered songs were much better. Which, for me, the singer who covered the song done much much better job rather than the original singer.

For me, they are:

Kris Allen, performing Heartless by Kanye West

311, covered Love Song from The Cure

All Along Watch Towertower, originally by Bob Dylan
, covered by Jimi Hendrix

Not forgetting Dayadiarmon, singing Numb from Linkin Park.

Eh. He shouldn't be on this list.

Talk like an Engineers do.

Engineer on site--working.

“The way you talk does not reflect yourself as an Engineering student, Dosz.”

Erm. Yeah. I wonder how Engineers having their evening tea, chit-chating among themselves. In “Engineering” way, of course.

Engineer A: Do you know Ah Beng involves in an accident?

Engineer B: Ah? How come?

Engineer A: There are many reasons that lead to that question. Firstly, we can assume the car that he drove maybe nearly reaching its limit design state. He should buy a new one. By the way, as we all know, he’s a lousy driver. I’m not surprised about the news.

Engineer B: But— you cannot put the blame on him, himself. The road itself can be one of the factors.

This is what we Engineers call "Road Failure". Its not that only students do fail in their exams.

Engineer A: In what way?

Engineer B: We have to consider whether that road is in what condition—is it poor? How about the bituminous layer? And the road design itself—the super elevation, the required sign board—are they displayed in the required distance?

Engineer A: It’s true.

Engineer B: A road can fail if there’s improper drainage system provided. Malaysia is a country blessed with heavy rains. Don’t argue with me. I already check the rainfall data— using Manual Saliran Mesra Alam (MASMA).

Engineer A: Nice explanation.

So “Engineering” huh? How about convert into a normal conversation.

A: Do you know Ah Beng involves in an accident?

B: Pity him.

A: Ya lah.

So short right? Better keep it this way.

Draco Malfoy is actually Tomok?

Already watch Harry Potter: The Half Blood Prince?

In my opinion, this sequel is kinda so-so, not too boring, but at the same time lack of action.

One thing for sure, this time I found out that Draco Malfoy, a character played by Tom Felton resembles one of our local artist.

And he's Tomok.

Don't believe it?

Err.. more like Son Goku to me.

Light My Darkness

I like this pic. Full stop.

Sometimes cursing in English is kinda funny if you didn't how to use them.

I've been busy for this one whole week--for Minggu Aluan Pelajar Unimas.

Just left my blog for a while and I found out this.

Haha. I never thought that I have such readers. Funny.

His words is quite offensive, but I'll take it as a pointer.

But there are certain things that's unclear for me.

hitman20: hey u M O T H E R F U C K E R! ur blog sux! GO TO HELL & F U C K ur mom!!

I've never thought that the word Motherfucker can be spelled like this--M O T H E R F U C K E R.

Would you mind to tell me how pronounced it?

Is it M to the O to the T to the H to the E to the R to the F to the U to the C to the K to the E to the R? Hmm... quite complex.

My blog sux? Dont read then. Or if you want to help me to improve my English, you are welcomed. But remember, highlight those "problematic" parts so I would know where I've done wrong. Yeah I know my grammar aren't great compared to yours.

F to the U to the C to the K my mom? Not interested. I'm not into incest.

hitman20: ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww.... F U C K U!

FUCKU? Never heard any of those words. Do you mean FAKKU?

hitman20: hey firdaus! u aint got balls.u only got ****!

hey! you know my real name! *blushing* and a little bit of proud there.

I got no balls you say? hmm... how do you know? Eww... I have a stalker lorrrr

I only got what? What's ****? Is it:

1) Book? I don't remember reading any books recently.
2) Disc? Which one? Pirated DVD's ka?
3) Pipe? Yeah. I undergo piping courses recently. Are we on the same class?

**** can be anything. If you spell it like this: F**K it would help me to understand what you are trying to say.

In the end, I could conclude that this hitman guy TOTALLY DISSAPOINTS me. If he's really have balls, he should leave those comments using his own real name including his blog address/email so that I could contact him.

What could I say?


Try again next semester.

Cheap Sport Cars for Rent

Just saw this ads this evening.

Never thought that you could rent them as low from RM 5 per hour.

Tribute to Michael Jackson

We have lost another great entertainer.

Pole Dancing in Public Areas

Yeah. Pole dancing in public areas.

But only in Taiwan.

I wonder when we Malaysians can do this in public areas.

Well, Malaysia Boleh right?

Source: Gutter Uncensored

ADS: PSP-3000 is hackable!

Are you one of the frustrated PSP-3000 owners?

Frustation makes you older. Faster.

You bought it and you didn't realize it cannot play hacked/homebrew games?

Worry no more. PSP-3000 is now hackable!

Which means you can install:

1.Custom Themes (CXMB)

One of many custom themes that you can install---for your PSP-3000!

2. Plugins for PSP
3. Emulators (SNES, GameBoy, etc.)

and the most important thing is:


Isn't it good?

Wait. You didn't know how to hack them?

Well, a friend of mine knows how to do it.

You can find him (azamen87) at Lowyat forum and most of his customers are satisfied by his works.

Usually he charged RM70 for those custom firmwares and exclusively for my blog readers, he will do it for RM60!

Wait! There's more!

For 15 first customers, you will get 20 FREE GAMES and AFTER SERVICE--for free!

Well that's not something that other people can offer.

Satisfaction guaranteed.

Are you interested but still you are worried that he will harm your beloved PSP?

Dont worry, he'll do it in front of you! Just set a place where you can meet him, and he'll do it on the spot!

Much convincing right? And this offer only applies for Kuchingites :)

What are you waiting for?

Contact him via email [pepperonicheese_band(at)yahoo(dot)com] and don't forget to write include my link at the email's subject to get that special offer!

Eg: firmware for PSP3000

Expensive? There's another way. Do it by yourself.

And make sure that you absolutely know what you’re doing :)

ps: azamen87 is a part-time PSP technician at Wisma Satok Games Station.

Chin or Neck?

Lan: Not chin.... It's Neck!

Me: ???

Lan: Not chin... it's neck!

Me: WTF.

Lan: Betulla.. see this poster.

Me: ...Bena juak.

ps: At the first glance it seems to be a mistake at that poster... but actually the actor's name is Chin. So dont get the wrong idea.

pss: You can find this poster at the spring.

psss: yeah i know this entry is boring. haha

An invitation from Gangsters.

Just log in my Facebook account as usual.

Then, I got this invitation.

Gangster invitation?

No no. I'm not interested to be an Along.

Thanks anyway.

5 Tips Untuk Memajukan Filem/Drama Tempatan

Nota kepala: 1st post aku dalam Bahasa Melayu, tiba-tiba rasa nak tulis dan ini la hasilnya. Hmm...

Kita seringkali mendengar cemuhan dan tohmahan dari penduduk Malaysia mengatakan filem atau drama Melayu kita ini teruk dan sebagainya. Dari kita terus mengata dan mengeji, apa kata saya memberi buah fikiran untuk mempertingkatkan dan diharap dapat mencetuskan idea baru dalam persada seni filem dan drama TV tempatan.

Amaran: Post ini agak panjang. Buat kopi atau teh dulu, dan baca post ini dengan sirupan penuh nikmat.

1. Hero Mestilah Super-Duper Berpenyakit.

Kita seringkali menonton drama di mana hero tersebut tampak gagah perkasa namun tanpa kita sedari, beliau menghidapi penyakit yang tidak dapat diubati, ataupun kanser di peringkat akhir. Semua benda ini dah lapuk babe.

Makan ubat merupakan satu cabaran bagi pelakon itu sendiri.

Improvisasi: Elemen simpati mudah meraih penonton ke pawagam bukan? Mudah saja. Kali ini hero tersebut bukan sahaja menderita disebabkan tumor otak, malah semua penyakit kronik, contohnya kanser perut, barah, kanser payu dara, histeria(?) dan selesema babi---serentak.

Mencabar bukan? Drama seperti ini akan menghasilkan satu epik dimana sepanjang 2 jam drama berlangsung, 1 jam setengah dipenuhi dengan aksi pemuda memakan ubat yang diberikan oleh nurse dan konflik doktor dalam menulis preskripsi ubatan yang bakal diberikan dengan hero. Banyak ubat nak dimakan oleh hero tu.

Satu pembaharuan dalam industri filem tempatan.

2. Adegan Kemalangan.

Di dalam drama yang baru saya tonton di TV3 tadi (tak ingat apa namanya), si hero merupakan samseng jalanan (gelaran baru mat rempit) yang degil. Si abangnya senantiasa menasihatinya untuk berhenti, namun dia enggan.

Malang tidak berbau. Pada suatu malam ketika dia tengah race, tanpa disedari beliau terlibat dalam kemalangan dan orang yang dilanggar itu---abangnya sendiri. Akhirnya, beliau insaf dan menyedari perbuatannya itu salah dan berjanji tidak akan mengulanginya lagi.

Seriously la, aku dah dapat jangka semua ini akan berlaku. Tipikal.

Improvisasi: Adegan kemalangan seperti ini amat menarik dan mampu meninggalkan kesan yang mendalam kepada penonton jika dilakukan dengan betul. Berbanding dengan contoh di atas, saya lebih gemar jika sedikit twist dilakukan di babak ini.

Contohnya: Ketika abangnya di saat nazak setelah dilanggar oleh adiknya, beliau sempat memesan:

Bahasa Melayu Sarawak: "Moto kitak kurang sikit gik power... mun sik tek dapat dah ko ngelek abang... Argh... Lutut tek.. mun dapat rendah kit... sak dapat corner tajam gk... (mati)"

Bahasa Melayu Baku: :"Motosikal kau kurang sikit lagi power bro... kalau tak gerenti ko dah dapat elak aku... Argh... Lutut kau... Beri rendah sikit bro... Dapat ko buat corner tajam... (mati)"

Rendah gik lutut ya... cecah simen baruk kaw.

Dimana rasionalnya adegan ini? Jika si abang nya sempat menegur sedemikian rupa, maka adiknya tidak akan insaf, malah bernekad untuk race bersungguh-sungguh. Mana la tahu jadi wakil Malaysia suatu hari nanti... kalau tak pun main Sprinta Race tu pun dah kira ok.

3. Penggunaan Efek

Penggunaan efek masih lagi kurang dalam filem atau drama melayu. Ada sesetengah produser yang tidak mampu untuk melakukan efek CGI mengambil langkah alternatif untuk menjimatkan kos. Contohnya, untuk adegan kemalangan, darah digantikan dengan sos (lainlah kalau dia mati waktu tengah nak beli sos).

Improvisasi: Malaysia ada 22 juta penduduk setakat ini. Takkan lah seorang pelakon pun kita sayang nak korbankan? Make it real. Accident betul-betul. Kalau mati on the spot lebih bagus. Kalau jalan cerita tak bagus pun tetap box office sebab gosip yang buat cerita tu popular. "hero mati ketika penggambaran". Ini yang baru orang katakan "berkorban apa saja, biar harta atau pun nyawa".

Untuk lebih komersial, produser boleh menggunakan alasan "Heronya berkorban demi memartabatkan persada filem negara".

Kalau rasa geli sila skrol kebawah.

Pelakon kat Hollywood pun tak berani buat babe!

4. Adegan perniagaan biarlah logik sedikit.

Filem atau drama melayu seringkali berkisar tentang konflik dalam keluarga, perebutan pangkat dan harta dalam keluarga. Namun sedarkah anda, filem atau drama sebegini agak tidak logik? Bisnes apa yang dia jalankan pun kita tak tahu.

Pakai coat. Syarikat Multi-Billionaire. Kereta BMW. Cakap ada slanga Orang Puteh. Tapi dari awal sampai habis cerita, kita tak tahu dia buat bisnes apa! Buat spa? Kedai runcit? Jual dadah? Atau duit turun dari langit? Membuat diri ini tertanya-tanya.

Improvisasi: Kepada penulis skrip, bagi mengelakkan perkara sebegini daripada berlaku, apakata tambah kan sedikit dialog yang menyatakan dia tuan empunya syarikat tersebut ataupun dia memegang jawatan di syarikat itu. Contoh:

Hero: Saya merupakan pengarah di syarikat ini, berpangkalan di Kuala Lumpur dan memiliki anak syarikat di Uganda dan Timor Leste. Menjadi kepakaran kami untuk menyediakan orang gaji untuk anda.

Okay. Berdasarkan dialog di atas, kita tahu dia merupakan seorang Pengarah, bagi syarikat agensi orang gaji.

Namun begitu, itu tidak cukup. Adalah menjadi satu kewajipan untuk menyelitkan info di atas supaya penonton tidak lupa yang dia memegang jawatan yang besar dalam syarikat tersebut.

Hero: Aku belanja ko minum hari ini bukannya apa, aku kan seorang pengarah di sebuah syarikat agensi orang gaji yang berpangkalan di Kuala Lumpur dan mempunyai anak syarikat di Uganda dan Timor Leste, itu aje.

Hero: Aku dah tak tahan lagi! Aku ceraikan kau dengan talak tiga kerana aku seorang pengarah di sebuah syarikat agensi orang gaji yang berpangkalan di Kuala Lumpur dan mempunyai anak syarikat di Uganda dan Timor Leste! Pfft!

Hmmm. Memang memegang jawatan yang besar.

5. Elemen logik dan teknologi.

Kadang kala, benda-benda remeh sebegini lah yang mengganggu flow sesuatu filem itu.

a) Telefon

Seperti biasa. Kalau hero nak telefon seseorang, just keluarkan telefon, dial dan dah boleh terus cakap! Aku nak call orang lagi terpaksa tunggu lama sikit, tu pun belum tentu lagi dia nak jawab panggilan. Memang dasar hero Malaya.

b) Chatting

Dah tengok Sembilu 2005? Kalau ada disc tu buat la ulangkaji balik part si Zetty tu chatting dengan Vince. Chatting memang la logik, tapi masalah nya dia chatting guna Microsoft Word! Jangan tipu penonton la babe. Orang Malaysia dah maju (sedikit).

Improvisasi: Aku rasa korang pun tahu apa yang patut dibuat kan?

Banyak lagi yang aku nak tulis tapi macam dah panjang sangat. Di sini aku akhiri dengan OST Bohsia.

Seriously aku rasa mok terajang sorang-sorang miak lam video tok.

Nota kaki: Apa nak aku krepak tok?

Digi's Love to Save

Have you ever wanted to do some charity works but due to some reasons... you can't?

Don't worry, I just found out that Digi launched a campaign--"Love to Save" and it really attracts me.

By clicking a few buttons, you can donate RM5 to your favorite charity. Don't worry, Digi will pay for you, what you have to do is choose which charity that you want to help.

This campaign does not limited to Digi users, it's open to everybody!

Wonder why I chose SPCA?

For people that already been there--- they will know why.

Some of the pets were left by their owners and those eye makes me pity for them.

Tok pusak nenek aku kat sibu. Bukan SPCA mpun!

I want to bring them home, but sure later my mother would kill me as we have another cat for the time being.

sori mak mun ktk baca tok hahaha

I've done my part. How about yours?

Your single click can change everything.

Love to Save.

Take Away Those Burgers!

My quest for an awesome burger brought me to... Mmm.. I forget to ask what's the stall name. Just assume it Take Away okay?

There's a LCD Monitor... enjoy movie while waiting for your burger.

Take Away located in front of Swinburne and to be exact it is at KOPERKASA Building. If you could see the CiliPadi signboard, it's just over there.

Click to enlarge.

A friend of mine, Afiq always told that this burger stand is the best in Kuching, so I came to see it for myself.

My first impression: Their original grilled cheese burger is quite pricey, which cost you RM3.80.

...and i was wrong.

Their beef burger, I mean "Original Grilled Cheese Burger" were seriously awesome.

Its patties, were made of minced meat. Undeniably its texture were different and unique.

Charcoals.... Grrr~

Their patties were roasted using charcoal. I like it to be done this way because it allows you to cook using both direct and indirect heat. For that the outer side of the beef will be crusty, and at the same time its juicyness and tenderness will be preserved.

For me, there is no "the right rule" to serve a cheese in the burger. But, in this case, I like their style. When the patties seems to be partially cooked, they cover it with 2 slices of cheese and left melted.

Bakar bayi bakar! (Burn Baby Burn!)

Why I like this style? Firstly, this will make the beef more flavourish and juicy. Other than that, it boost its end-product presentation.


Oh ya. As you can see on the menu, you can add on a pineapple slice for 50 cent. What could i say? Its a brilliant idea! The burger became more flavourish since the pineapple slice add the sweetness into it.

The buns---perfect. It was toasted at the right temperature with the right amount of butter applied and garnished with sesame seeds. The topping consist of pickles and onions and normal chilli sauce used as a condiment.

What I could say is---you try it for yourself. My words could not describe the sensation well.

Seriously nang nyamanlah!

aku dapat rasakan ada banyak grammatical errors can post tok. lalek lah!

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