Im just coming back from Santubong resort with my High School friends. ITS FUN! Totally. Heres the TOP 5 activities that we've done when we were there.

1. Taking pictures

Wafi taking Oden and Faiz's pictures. This is what i call "gambar orang yang mengambil gambar yang diambil oleh orang lain".

2. Swimming

Mangga's cover page for next month release.

3. Playing PS2


..erk guess im busy dota-ing. Forget to take their pics.

4. Playing cards

Sapa mok menang main ngan Apen. Big 2 la.

Last but not least....

5. Dota-ing

Oden, Faiz, Alan and Ajis setting up their battle gears.

Guess how many laptop connected using this adapter. Hehe

Im tired and post more about this later.