My laptop seems to less responsive.

Yeah. I think i know why.

Some stuff are'nt meant to be filled in laptop.. it should be in external HDD.

Clearing up useless items.. and I found a picture folder contains my trip at Sabah.

Yeah. We went there last August and hell yeah its an unforgettable vacation. Eh. It shouldnt be vacation. Its kinda like a seminar. Yeah. Seminar.

All of us that attend that "seminar"

Sabah has lots of thing to offer.

1st day.

We have our "seminar" in UMS. We were greeted by JAKMAS Kolej E in the morning and they bring us around. Undoubtedly, the scenery of UMS really amazed me.

Taken somewhere in UMS. Please tell me where i took this picture.

They also got their own Marine Museum,

Ikan tok gerenti pakei gigi palsu.

A large mosque,


N hot chicas playing netball.

This pics was unintentionally taken. Kmk x kenja k? Haha

Oh yeah, that night we bullied Beb because the day before it was his birthday.

Aku x terlibat.

2nd Day

We went to Pulau Mamutik for our activities. I'm expecting that we have to go inside the jungle first then we can see the island... but surprisingly it is only located in the suburbs.

Kota Kinabalu welcomes you. Yeah I know i know.

Before you're heading to Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park nearby, namely Pulau Gaya, Pulau Sapi, Pulau Manukan, Pulau Sulug and Pulau Mamutik, firstly we have to go to this Jesselton Point. This ferry terminal will bring us there. If im not mistaken the fees are RM30 per head, inclusive island taxes, snorkelling equipment and transportation.

Macam overload.

While they are doing their activities...

Pajakla dipolah daktok sampe excited gilak

I'm scouting for chicks

Ehem ehem.

And barely found it.

I wonder who is she... I should tell Naim to asked her whether she want to be my model or not :p

While Naim writing something on the beach.

Taukla ko suka main DOTA tapi x perlu la lebih2.

The best part is..

Oh yeah. I forgot to mention about her. She is tour guide during our trip to Sabah. (Jangan marah ek? haha) Miss Hunny~

Tengah layan jiwang sorang2 mengenangkan kekasih hati padahnya tek.

3rd Day.

Theres nothing much to do so all of us went shopping in KK. Unluckily, I forgot my Memory Card and i have to buy a new one.

We have another tourist guide which is a friend of Shafiq, and my ex-roommate in KML, Saiful.

Bermanja dengan Saiful.

He took us at Pasar Basah and bring us around KK. Damn. Bak kata pepatah, masa mencemburui kita. We only manage to go 1-2 shopping complexes and its night already.

This kind of view can be seen even at mall's car parks

Bergambar di entah seafood ne kmk org agak.

All of us were damn tired. But it isnt for the girls. They seems to possessed--shopping endlessly. Even Kak Leya spend almost RM400 for pearls. Only.

4th Day.

Its time for us going back to Kuching!

Bas kmkorg pakei k g Sabah.

See you next time Sabah!