2009 is just around the corner. And people always talking bout their resolution. Yeah.

Somebody: Whats your resolution for 2009, Dosz?

That question really give me a headache.

Wait. Before talking about 2009, it is better to reflect on those resolutions I made on 2008.

1. Lose more Kgs. Status: Fail

Yeah I gain more weight but people never realised it. Adeh. Good one or not?

Handsome? Check. Nampak bergaya? Check. Berketerampilan menarik? Check. Ada gaya jadi model. Hehe

2. Get better result in exams. Status:

Erk... No comment.

3. Spend less money, more savings. Status: Fail

Bought a second-hand phone for my Digi number and the other... dunno. Just spend the money like that. Without knowing where it goes.

4. Play more sport games. Status: Fail

I ended up playing DOTA. Damn.

5. Read more academically-related books. Status: Fail

Buy reference books but in the end rely on summarized notes. Adoi.

6. Attend lectures on time. Status: Fail

Ok bah. Lectures starts at 8 a.m and I turun dari hostel at 8 a.m sharp. Punctual. Very punctual.

7. Participate in University games. Status: OK

I played Ping Pong for our college (Kolej Bunga Raya) and got 2nd place! Ok la.

Bergaya bersama pingat Perak.

2nd place (again) for intercollege futsal tournament. Damnit!

Otai Futsal Kolej Bunga Raya

8. Organize an event for college. Status: OK

For more info click here.

9. Participate in University events. Status: OK

During UNIMAS Convo.

10. Start blogging. Status: OK

Hey! You are reading my blog right now! :P

Damn. I conclude 2008 resolution as a failure.

No need new resolutions. Just repeat all these failed stuff. Adoi.