Today is my first day doing my industrial training. Its kinda awkward to wake up early in the morning, because all of these time i never get off from my bed before 1 pm. Oops! Kantoi~

After a little bit of briefing by our supervisor a.k.a the boss, all of us ( Awg, Esyam, Mumu and Me) were appointed to take care of certain blocks (not blogs) at the site. (and again not website) Awg and me will be monitoring the main administration blocks.

Esyam and Mumu start to study their blueprints...

Esyam study dengan tekun...

I x mok kalah la!

Let me see... lots of unfamiliar stuff here...

Me: What's G2D and (250x750)?
Awg: G2D shows its sections and that's the dimension for the section.

Me: And Ablution?
Mumu: Tempat ambik wuduk lam bahasa melayu.

Me: Next time in class i would like to use the word 'Bulibing' instead of building.
Awg: Paloi.

Me: What's this? Blocok?
Awg: Blocok?

Awg and Me: BLOCOK!!!

Oh god please forgive us for what we have sinned.


p.s ava vampira: wut does it meannnn (mun ktk org x paham bgs gk. hahaha)