Undoubtly i'm a DOTA addict.

Tapi belum la sampei ke tahap tok. Serious. Aku lom sampei tahap tok.

Once you are addict to them, you can't stop playing.

Most of the people doesn't look at the brightside. For me, there always something that you can't learn from books.

1. Opportunist really exist.

What do you feel when you really worked hard over something and other people gets the reward?
Dalam bahasa melayu, merujuk kepada kamus KBSR ini boleh dikategorikan sebagai "Lembu punya susu, Sapi dapat nama". Ya la, you fight until *nyawa sempey and other people just finish it. In other words, it KS; which refers to Kill Steal. So guys, beware of these people.

2. Real friend will help you in any situation.

Yeah. When you are in real trouble, such as gang banged from the other team, there is a guy that comes to save you. And, sometimes he/she sacrificied himself for you. He's the real deal. Go find him. (this guy sounds like me) *cough* *cough*

3....And some people just not worth it.

You already told him so many times dont do it, but he still doing it. So what's the point of helping him? Serves him right.

How strong that guy are, we still can defeat him IF we unite.

Yeah. For an example, theres a guy... really-really tough to beat. But if 5 people--against him. The chances to beat him are higher rather than go one on one with him. Sounds doesn't right but for the sake of killing him, its okay. What im trying to say here is
united we stand, divided we fall.

5. ... And some guys are unstoppable.

Yeah. Go together and then die together. What's the point?

There's lots of other point that I can write about, but it's better I left it undone. Sometimes you have to think yourself. (kata jak dah xda idea haha)

I hope this answers Farah's question on "What so good about dota?"

Edeh. Tok dah kira promote blog you dah tok. Haha

Till next time.


*almost die