DoSzNeSz: aku chat k mirc!
DoSzNeSz: haahha
mfj_mfj: hahaha
mfj_mfj: oldschool
DoSzNeSz: bot ajak asa aku
mfj_mfj: aku rasa la dos
mfj_mfj: miak nektok xda main mirc gk
mfj_mfj: smua makei mesenger jak
DoSzNeSz: yup

Enough with the intro. To all readers who were same age as me or older--who doesnt know about the existence of Mirc? Tukuk palak mun padah x. Staying up late till 2-3 in the morning... well its worth doing it because at that time lots of ppl on9 and its perfect to surf Melayuboleh. Yeah. Purrfect. Anyway, miss all those dial-up modem days.

The logo change but pacman is still over there.

Just now i'm installing Mirc in my desktop and on9.

Not a pickup room haa?