To Sara: Already take their pics. Just in case if I lost em. Most of the time I will lost em. Seriously.

Just went to the cinema last thursday with her and her cuzzy. Twilight is a great movie eventhough i've never read the novel beforehand. Well im sure watching movies with girls is different with boys. Those significant differences are:

Movie starts
Girls: Shh!!! (And start to focus to the movie)
Boys: Nyam nyam nyam (Eating popcorn and quarrel with the other friends over a pepsi drink)

Hero/Heroin appears
Girls: Ahhhs~ (especially when the hero is quite hot; like Edward Cullen)
Boys: Look to each other and says "She has a nice boob". And grin.

Romantic parts
Girls: Ahhs~ (again)
Boys: Start to focus. Hoping there is a sex scene. Which they are dissapointed because the scene were being cut (if any)

Girls: Sit there and talking about the story. Doing summary.
Gi toilet lok. Isap rokok.

Most of the time this happens to me. Sounds absurd.

In the end, I realized something. Most of the people in that Hall3 watching the movies are underage. Except her and I myself. And another old guy.

A sign shows im getting older now?